17 January 2020
What is a Tax Audit in China by Wei Cui

16 April 2019
The History of US International Taxation since the 16th Amendment by Archie Parnell

9 April 2019
CRS Avoidance vs. Legitimate Wealth Planning by Zac Lucas

12 July 2018
Southeast Asia International Tax Developments by Edward Lean, Jack Sheehan and Steven Carey

24 May 2018
Role of technology in BEPS and Transfer pricing by Neha Shah

22 March 2018
Income and Capital by David Goldberg QC

8 March 2018
Formulation of Tax Policy in Hong Kong by Andrew Lai

7 February 2018
Welcome to the New World of Mandatory “Snitching” on your clients by Bill Ahern

8 January 2018
U.S. Expat Tax Reporting: Who must report, what must be reported, and how to get into compliance by Josh Maxwell

2 November 2017
The OECD’s future tax priorities by Jefferson VanderWolk

11 July 2017
Handicapping US Tax Reform by Ivan Strunin

13 June 2017
R&D Tax and Recap of IFA’s Regional Tax Conference by Michael Olesnicky and Willem Jan Hoogland

27 April 2017
OECD’s Latest Agenda on Tax Policy by Mr Pascal Saint-Amans

16 February 2017
Criminalizing Tax Advice by David Goldberg QC

9 January 2017
Tax Reform in Hong Kong by Mr Simon Rae and Mr Michael Olesnicky

9 November 2016
Tax Policy After the 2016 US Election - What Can We Expect Will Happen? by Mr Joshua Odintz

3 November 2016
Brexit : Challenge or Opportunity? By Mr Simon Weil

20 September 2016
US Tax Prosecutions Policy Regarding Offshore Accounts and Banks by Mr George Clarke

8 August 2016
FATCA, CRS, DAC and GDPR – Cross-border Exchange of Information and Taxpayer Protection by Mr Philip Baker QC

16 June 2016
Implementing a transfer pricing system in Hong Kong – the Singapore experience by Mr Luis Coronado

17 May 2016
The Tax Legislation Process in Hong Kong by Hon Kenneth Leung

26 April 2016
“BEPS from an industry perspective” by Archie Parnell, Kari Pahlman and Bill Thomson as the Panellist and Simon Rae as the Facilitator

17 March 2016
VAT reforms in China by Lachlan Wolfers

23 February 2016
Anti-money laundering in the tax context by Steven Sieker

13 January 2016
BEPS from a global policy and administration perspective by David Smith and Curt Kinsky

9 December 2015
Experiences with tax litigation in Hong Kong by Mr Barrie Barlow, S.C.

28 October 2015
“Under Lion Rock: Reflections on Hong Kong Tax Policy” by Professor Andrew Halkyard

September 21, 2015
FATCA - practical application, potential problems and unintended consequences" by Mr Josh Maxwell CPA, JD, LLM

Wednesday, July 22, 2015
“Hong Kong's Remarkable Land Revenue System: Why it still works so well” by Prof. Richard Cullen

23 June 2015
Annual General meeting and evening talk with Mr.Brian Chiu